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Dr Antonakas specialises in all aspects of breast surgery, especially in the management of breast cancer and reconstructive surgery. This includes:

  • Breast lump investigation

  • Breast lump removal

  • Mastectomy

  • Lymph node biopsy and removal

Doctor with Mammography
Nurse Making Notes

Breast Lump Investigation

Finding a lump in your breast can be scary as we often associate them with breast cancer, even though Cancer Research UK shows that 90% of them will be benign (non cancerous). Even so, it's important to have lumps in your breast checked out.

During your appointment, you’ll have a consultation to discuss your concerns and receive a thorough examination and medical history. I will perform diagnostic investigations such as a mammogram, ultrasound scan and biopsy.

Surgery may be needed to remove breast lumps that don’t go away on their own or cysts that keep coming back. 

The operation is known as a lumpectomy, and the lump is sent to a laboratory for examination.

I am commited to provide the ultimate care for you and keep you at ease. 

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Breast Cancer - Mastectomy

If you are considering having a mastectomy because you have been diagnosed with cancer, you are probably feeling scared, anxious and worried about your future. Your main concern will be to give yourself the best chance of getting rid of the disease.
You could also be considering a preventative mastectomy if you have been deemed to be at high risk of developing breast cancer as determined by genetic testing or a breast health assessment.
Having a mastectomy is a hard decision, and whatever your circumstances and reasons for considering this operation, I understand what you are going through and can help.

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